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Behind the Scenes in the workplace.....

Check out this great video of Max behind the scenes at the workplace as she creates one of the pen and ink drawings.

About the Artist

Architect turned pen and ink artist. Maxine b Margolis designer for

Who is Max?


About the Artist: Maxine Margolis is a Canadian/American Architect/Designer/AdjunctProfessor of Architecture turned pen and ink artist. After being educated at University of Florida School of Architecture, Maxine taught at Miami based Design and Architecture Senior High school before pursuing a Master's Degree at the University of Miami in Architecture and Town Planning. Her studies and love for architecture have fostered a never ending quest to see it all. Her passion to travel, which has greatly influenced her work, and her passion to engage in other cultures led her to live in Italy, Switzerland, and England. She currently resides in Thailand. Maxine's travel includes over 35 different countries and she considers her travelling unfinished. See the designing process at work, behind the scenes in her studio located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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